Climax Molybdenum - Various Projects

Fort Madison, IA

The Fort Madison chemical plant, operational since late 1977, is an important companion to other conversion and operating facilities of Climax Molybdenum Company. Klingner has provided design services for numerous projects throughout the plant’s campus over several years, including:

Guard House and Visitor’s Center - conference/meeting rooms, restrooms, trucker driver work stations, visitor’s waiting area, kitchenette, as well as service desk for the security staff. The additional phase to this project includes revising the entry gate, a new semi-truck weigh scale and a parking area for visitors.

Bulk Packaging Tower - structural, electrical, HVAC, and special inspections for the installation of five 90’ silos in a building enclosure in the middle of an existing warehouse. The design supports the product to be conveyed from the existing bins about 80 feet south of the Bulk Packaging Building to the top of the building to fill each silo with belt conveyors and two bucket elevators. In each silo the product is to be homogenized (circulated) using chutes, belt conveyors and two additional bucket elevators.

East Plant Expansion - structural, architectural geotechnical and three-dimensional scanning services for plant expansion. Structural elements included foundation, including soil borings, a three dimensional scan of the areas affected by the expansion, a foundation report, demolition and framing plans and details, foundation, framing and roof plans and details, grating and handrail, construction specifications and shop drawing review.

Plant Addition - structural services and equipment piping layout for a 8,400SF by 60’ tall chemical plant addition to an existing building, including electrical lighting, ventilation/fume exhaust, and fire main design.