Chariton CDBG Facade Improvements

Chariton, IA

Klingner Architectural Group provided professional Design, Bidding, and Construction Administration and Land Surveying services for the Chariton CDBG Downtown Revitalization project.

Initially encompassing over 30 buildings and 7 blocks, the project involved 22 properties by bid time. Work included facade assessments for 33 properties, laser scanning and digital documentation of the existing conditions, design/engineering services, bidding assistance and shared contract administration services.

Klingner’s digital 3D/laser scanner proved indispensable, eliminating potential drawbacks of working on a project over 2 hours from our Burlington office. In addition to allowing us to virtually visit the buildings from our desks, it also helped identify hidden structural issues enabling repairs to be incorporated into the project’s scope, thereby reducing change orders and helping to control project budgets. Rehabilitation included structural repairs, masonry restoration and re-pointing, storefront reconstruction and repair, window restoration, replacement awnings, and signage.

This project followed the guidelines and standards of: Community Development Block Grant, Iowa Green Street Criteria and Secretary of Interior Standards for Historic Rehabilitation.