Cerro Flow Products - Copper Tube Production Line

Shelbina, MO

Klingner was selected to design the installation of a new copper tube production line. Design elements included piping, platforms, equipment layout, building ventilation, specialized process ventilation to remove smoke & vapors from air, and electrical.

Klingner engineers developed custom control stand for controlling utilities (water, nitrogen, compressed air) to the process that greatly simplified maintaining this equipment, and reduced installation cost for the client.

Our team of professionals designed new concept for control of quench tank to provide better temperature control, reducing process variation and lowering reject rate. This control was installed on a new production line and later retrofitted to an existing production line. The new control concept that Klingner designed for the cooling tower, reduced variation in temperature of cooling water, reducing process variation and lowered the reject rate.

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Mechanical / Electrical / Plumbing

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