Bayview Bridge LED Lighting

Quincy, IL

Klingner & Associates and Brown Electric Company combined their separate skills to provide a conceptual lighting plan for supplemental above and below deck pier and cable LED lighting of the cable stay section of the Quincy Bayview Bridge which carries westbound traffic on Highway 24 between Quincy Illinois and West Quincy Missouri.

The basic function of bridge lighting is to provide the user a safe, defined and secure travel way at night.  A secondary lighting function is to accent and promote the structure in an aesthetically pleasing manner.

This undertaking went beyond the primary function of roadway illumination and focuses on the enhancement of not only the structure, but allows the promotion of the overall impression of the City.  Klingner & Brown provided a Conceptual Lighting plan with defined lighting elements and estimated costs for both installation and operation. To meet this goal, we involved not only lighting design expertise but installation, operation and constructability experience. The aesthetic illumination of the bridge enhances the focal impact and provides a first and lasting impression of the character of our Gem City. Its towers can be seen from US Highway 61 and 24 in Missouri; from the western edge of the City, or relaxing in Clat Adams Park.

In 2001, the IDOT repairs on the Bayview Bridge included rewrapping the suspension cables with a sheath that would reflect light. In 2005, the project was awarded IDOT HPP Funding, and combined with private donations, the Bridge Lighting was completed and a ceremony was held in August 2015.  Project Cost $690,000.