Amsted Rail - High Voltage Electrical Design

Bessemer, AL

Klingner provided a detailed design for the electrical installation a new High Voltage Electric System (34K volt) from the Bessemer AL Power Substation. Klingner engineers’ analyses resulted in replacing existing outdoor gear with new arc-resistant gear to provide maximum safety. The new EAF switchgear was designed using vacuum breakers and specifications were provided for purchase of PTs and CTs for metering and transformer control to the remote switchgear. In addition, specifications were also provided for purchase of electrically operated 15KV gang operated switches for EAF Faults and properly rated vacuum switches for connecting and disconnecting furnace power.

Duct bank feeder, overhead feeder and steel conduit ampacity analysis and reports were provided on designated circuits. Klingner engineers conducted a plant walk down to determine an optimal method of supply, and existing duct bank conduits were evaluated for possible re-use. Coordination studies were performed to ensure compliance with utility protection and ensure that furnace input requirements were met. Time current curves were provided, reviews on existing grounding system and new grounding recommendations were provided. Existing electrical equipment was reviewed for NEC adherence to working clearance, load rating and short circuit ratings. Klingner engineers provided a detailed one-line diagram with all pertinent data and a conceptual layout for location of electrical equipment was provided, along with issues pertaining to existing locations and space needs required.

Klingner engineers provided detailed designed for the following: Installation of different transformers in the transformer vaults; Expanding the transformer vault to accommodate installation of new vacuum interrupters on an elevated platform above the control room; Bus bar and connection design to provide recommended clearances around vacuum interrupters; Conduit design for installation of new elevated electrical switchgear room to allow existing conduits under railroad tracks to be reused; Structural design for installation of new modular electrical switchgear room at elevated level; and Design of custom trench dividers and plinth under low voltage switchboard to provide proper separation while still re-using existing trench/conduits.