Health / Life Safety is the impetus for many critical updates in Illinois schools — and some of the most important work we do for schools at Klingner.

Once every 10 years, Illinois school districts are required to undergo a full evaluation to pinpoint building areas of concern. Our multidisciplinary team starts by discussing priorities with the district. We then perform an inspection of each building — inside and out — assessing whether they meet common codes and standards and producing a comprehensive Safety Survey Report. This report breaks down projects by severity, lists opinions of probable cost, and gives schools a better idea of funding options. Once complete, we work with the District and ROE to make sure all ISBE paperwork is completed and filed.

However, our Health / Life Safety work doesn’t end there. We stay with districts through design and implementation to make sure projects are completed within their required timeframes. Our Architects are also there when the unexpected happens, guiding clients through the amendment process should additional repairs arise and helping them navigate emergency funding options, when necessary.

From the creation of security vestibules to flooring replacements, locker replacements to lighting enhancements and everything in between, Health / Life Safety projects are an important way local schools can be maintained — and a responsibility we are proud to have.