Meet Scott Colford, the newest member of our Geotechnical / CMT Team!


Q: Tell us a bit about yourself…

Scott: I was born and raised in north central Indiana. I spent almost 30 years working at a railroad repair facility, completing various tasks over the years. I am an avid runner since 1992 and have participated in hundreds of races over the years. I’m looking forward to becoming part of this company and community.

Q: Why did you want to become a technician?

Scott: I felt it was time for a change in careers and given that I was relocating from another state, I thought it would be the perfect time to try something new. This opportunity came up and I felt that it would be a great chance to explore another career.

Q: What piece of advice would you give someone choosing the same career?

Scott: My advice would be to always approach a task with an open mind and a willingness to learn.

Q: What motivates you to work hard?

Scott: I am naturally competitive, so I feel compelled to do my best always. If I don’t do well, I feel like I might be letting somebody down in regards to their expectations of me.

Q: What’s your favorite hobby?

Scott: Running is my favorite hobby because I’ve been very fortunate to have done well at it. Plus, I’ve met many amazing people through the sport of running over the years.

Q: Are you related (or distantly related) to anyone famous?

Scott: I am distantly related to the comedian “Red Skelton”.