Meet Neil Russell, the newest member of our Environmental Team!


Q: Tell us a bit about yourself…

Neil: I am originally from the Quad City Area and have lived in Quincy for approximately 14 years. I am married to my beautiful wife, Jenn, and we have two amazing daughters together. I am a United States Army Veteran and enjoy being outdoors and spending time with my family.

Q: What do you enjoy most about the types of projects you work on?

Neil: I enjoy the unique differences of each project. While all projects may have the same common flow or set of standards to follow, each one is uniquely different from the ones prior. Being able to research and dig into items to help uncover things that you couldn’t see on the surface, or to find new ways in developing new processes that will improve the overall outcome of a project, is really rewarding.

Q: What piece of advice would you give someone choosing the same career?

Neil: Be passionate about what you do! If you enjoy the work that you do, or the things that may relate to the career, go with it. It may lead you down paths that open more opportunities for growth. Do not look at careers at face value; look at the future equity.

Q: If you could meet a famous person from history, who would it be?

Neil: I would want to meet George Washington.

Q: Do you play any sports?

Neil: I played / play football, basketball, softball, baseball, and golf.

Q: If you could visit any place in the world, what would it be?

Neil: I would love to see Ireland someday.

Q: What was your first job?

Neil: I was a pizza maker at a local pizza place back in my hometown.