Meet Matt Bridges, the newest member of our Mechanical / Electrical team in Columbia, MO!


Q: Tell us a bit about yourself…

Matt: I attended the University of Evansville, in Evansville, IN. I live with my wife Elizabeth and our two children, Jay and Violet.

Q: Why did you want to become an engineer?

Matt: I wanted to become an engineer to solve complex problems which effect our daily lives. The work of an engineer directly impacts the world around us.

Q: Is there a project you worked on before joining Klingner that you’re proudest of?

Matt: At a previous employer, I worked with a large brewer out of St. Louis, MO. They had not purchased equipment from our company in the past and were hesitant to allow our units on a new construction project. After months of presentations, energy analysis’s, and factory tours, I was finally allowed to submit a proposal. I was successful in securing the project. The equipment out performed expectations and the brewer has now standardized around that product. Those units are now being installed on all of their sites throughout the country.

Q: What piece of advice would you give someone choosing the same career?

Matt: Commit yourself to continuous education. Always look for opportunities to advance your knowledge and be open to change and new ideas.

Q: What is one hobby that you’re great at, and what is one hobby that you’re not so great at, but love anyway?

Matt: One hobby I am very good at is fishing. I have competed in several tournaments. One hobby I love, but am not that great at is playing guitar. I am not terrible, but you will not see me winning any awards. I do enjoy playing as often as I can.

Q: What is your favorite family recipe?

Matt: My favorite family recipe is my grandmother’s fried chicken/quail. I have used the recipe to my many other dishes as well, from chicken sandwiches to country fried steak.