Between the months of August and September is a great time to give your landscaping some TLC. Prepare your landscaping with a few maintenance tips from Landscape Architect, Cullan Duke, PLA.

Start by taking a close review of your landscape beds and remove all weeds. Also, review your plants to see if they are showing any heat stress or wilt. This may be an indication that they need supplemental water. Deep watering during periods of extended drought is best. Mulching can also help to maintain moisture levels.

This is also a great time of year to divide any iris or daylilies. To do so, cut the foliage approximately 1-2 inches and divide the root into single or double fan rhizomes. Allow the cuts to dry at least one hour before replanting to prevent rot.

In your yard, between now and October 15 is the best time to seed turf grass in the Midwest. Seed planted during this period generally yields the best stand of grass with the least amount of weed competition. Fertilize your newly planted lawn with a starter fertilizer. A starter fertilizer will be high in phosphorous, which is necessary for early root development and plant vigor.

Finally, if you’re a vegetable gardener, it might also be a great time to plant turnip greens depending on the weather. These plants will produce in approximately 30 to 60 days. If you like the roots – that is a bonus too!