We celebrate Engineers Week to increase understanding and interest in engineering and technical careers, but also to raise public awareness of engineering works that contribute to our quality of life.

The work of engineers is all around you. Here at Klingner, we offer seven fields of engineering that have impacted over 185 communities in the past 10 years alone.

  • Our Civil Engineers are involved with site planning, transportation, water, and wastewater systems
  • Our Structural Engineers are involved in bridges, buildings, industrial projects, and flood walls
  • Our Mechanical Engineers are involved with Building HVAC and control systems, pump stations, and industrial processes
  • Our Electrical Engineers are involved in infrastructure electrical systems
  • Our Chemical Engineers are involved in water treatment, analysis, and testing
  • Our Environmental Engineers are involved in contaminated soil remediation, asbestos removals, and environmental assessments on properties
  • Our Geotechnical Engineers are involved in soil borings to test for foundation strength and design, material testing of concrete, soil and steel, and laboratory analysis

Their work supports countless projects in our region. They work closely with our Surveyors, Landscape Architects, Architects, and Interior Designers on trails, recreational facilities, schools, commercial buildings, financial facilities, healthcare buildings, historic preservation, industrial plants, and more.

We all work together to improve our quality of life. Our Mission Statement states it clearly: Klingner & Associates, PC strives to provide excellent services that anticipate and meet the needs of our clients and benefit the community.

Our Engineers demonstrate this in their work every single day.

—Mike Klingner
President of Klingner & Associates, PC