As we spend more and more time in our homes, chances are that you’re noticing a room or two that could use a bit of sprucing up. Before you pick up a roller, check out these incredibly helpful tips from interior designer, Jenna Niemann!

Q: When refreshing a room what do you use for inspiration?

A: I get that a lot – how do I start? What do I use for inspiration? I always say, start with the things you love, gather them together, and look at them as a whole. It’s the same process we use when beginning an interior design palette for a 100+ room school or a living room. You’ll want to narrow it down to get a good grasp on the vision, and then you can start pulling colors and pairing patterns to your vision.

Q: What are the new trends in wall colors?

A: I am still seeing a lot of gray and white as base with a pop of color. Usually, people are either drawn to warm or cool tones, so that is a starting point for color. And if warm is preferred, I would dabble in the tan family. As for popular 2020 colors, we are seeing deep, classic blues, as well as fresh palettes with light, rosy hues and other muted colors.

Q: Do you have any tips for choosing the right shade of color?

A: Really the best way to choose the right shade is to get it on the wall in the room you will be painting in. Or if that is not possible, try viewing it in a space with similar lighting. Lighting affects color so much! Will you have warm lighting, cool lighting, or lots of natural lighting? These can make colors seem to have different hues. Another tip would be to use a piece of fabric or rug that will be in the room and pull shades out of that. Then you can start to see everything working together.