Klingner & Associates, P.C. (Klingner) dedicated the conference room of its Davenport Regional Office on January 25 in honor of engineer David Meyer, PE, PLS.

Meyer, who began his engineering career in 1969, was well-respected throughout the Quad Cities. In 1976, he co-founded the Davenport-based civil engineering firm Verbeke-Meyer Consulting Engineers (Verbeke-Meyer). For 46 years, his business provided residential development, street, wastewater, water supply, and surveying services in the Quad Cities area. In 2020, Verbeke-Meyer merged with Klingner, where Meyer continued to work as the Davenport Regional Manager until his passing in August 2022. Meyer was 75 years old.

“Klingner has been a very big support to Dave,” said his wife, Pam Meyer. “They knew they had something good with him. Dave knew his engineering, and he built Verbeke-Meyer to what it was. He was a caring person who loved his job and his business. It was a joy for him to go to work every day. Our family is proud to see his memory kept alive.”

Family, friends, clients, and professional partners attended the dedication, which included speeches from Klingner’s President Mike Klingner, PE; Vice President Bryan Bross, PE, RG; and Davenport Regional Manager Luke Miller, PLS.

In addition to a plaque naming the conference room, a framed photo of Meyer and a canvas print of a plat within Century Heights Subdivision was unveiled. This plat depicts a new section of the Bettendorf subdivision, designed by Meyer, and features the recently named Meyer Road, dedicated in his memory by Rob Fick and Mel Foster Co. A second canvas print was presented to Meyer’s family.

“Dave’s friendship and strong relationship with his clients and community is his legacy,” said Klingner President Mike Klingner, PE. “He was a support for his many clients over the years. We are all thankful for his contributions to the region and the profession.”