Plan Ahead For That Summer Landscape Project

Let Our Professionals Help You Plan Your Next Landscape Project

Residential Client LandscapingKlingner & Associates, P.C. not only offers commercial, retail and institutional landscape architecture, but also offers residential services.  Outdoor space should be an extension of the indoor space and can be designed to function as outdoor “rooms.”  Whether it is an outdoor kitchen, pool, patio or a garden space, the design is critical to the function of the space.  Additionally, proper placement and orientation of the structure on the site is important.  Proper drainage around and away from the structure is a key first step, so the finished floor elevations must be properly determined prior to construction. Maximizing solar heat gain during the winter months and providing shade during summer months can pay dividends in energy efficiency.  The design of your landscape and outdoor space can play a big part not only in the functionality and aesthetics of your home, but also in the efficiency.  Contact your closest Klingner & Associates location for more information on how we can assist your next home improvement project!