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We Are Inspired By What Is Possible

When designing your educational spaces, we will first discuss with you what is working, what is not working, and what you envision for the future. Our talented team of architects, interior designers, and engineers will convert what we hear from you into tailor-made solutions. Working together, we will engage in a number of conversations that translate into inviting environments for educational growth.

We have a passion for design and believe it has the power to foster any number of emotional responses – especially a sense of school pride.

Entryway to the Unity Elementary addition
Exterior of Holy Trinity Elementary School Students learning in a multipurpose spaceStudents learning in a classroom

Holy Trinity Elementary

Klingner worked in conjunction with Holy Trinity Schools to design a new addition – the first new school in its diocese since 1957. This two-level, 28,400 SF addition houses grades K-6 in a bright, open atmosphere.

  • Our architectural design experts created large, multipurpose rooms open to the major corridors to provide teachers with more space for science and art activities. Additionally, there are movable, yet sound proof partitions separate classrooms in each grade level to enhance space flexibility and further facilitate co-teaching.
  • Our interior design specialists incorporated seating nooks into the corridors and provided wall system designs, along with final material selections.
  • Structural and mechanical, electrical, and plumbing collaborated on the building design which saw the incorporation of high performance precast concrete wall panel construction and a level of energy efficiency which exceeds the requirements of current energy codes and allows for cost savings.

Other key aspects of the design include: a secure entry room for visitors, administrative offices, connection to the existing gymnasium, a full-service kitchen, and an open cafeteria.

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Incorporating Flexibility

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Cody Basham

“We design facilities that can serve a variety of functions.

Design, similar to curriculum, is always evolving. Our goal is to design buildings that can adapt over time.”

Cody Basham, AIA, CSI
Tree canopy reception desk and furniture Classroom with child-height windowsMultipurpose room

Brown County Early Learning Center

The Tracy Family Foundation engaged Klingner to renovate an existing 8,500SF building into an Early Learning Center for the Brown County community. The facility serves up to 90 children, ranging in age from infant to five years old. A playful outdoor concept captivates children, staff, and visitors from the moment they enter and check in at the patio-themed reception desk.

  • Architectural design staff developed the new space program that includes classrooms with adjoining restrooms, direct access to the outdoor playground, and a low window for child height views to the exterior.
  • Interior design imagined whimsical abstract bushes and “grass and stone walkway” carpeting to guide children to their classroom doors, which are accented by brick and painted wood textured wallpaper. The indoor play area further inspires imaginative play with carpeting that suggests a river, bridge, and stepping stones.

Other spaces included a Director’s Office; staff lounge; storage for toy rotation, buggies, car seats, and supplies; laundry room; custodial room; meeting room; and mother’s room. The existing commercial kitchen was utilized to decrease overall projected cost.

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Do You Need An Assessment?

Many school districts are required to keep 5-, 10-, or 20-year master plans that outline long-range objectives. These plans are critical, but they also need to be attainable. Klingner works with school districts to update the building or campus-wide objectives. Looking at many factors, we can provide you with a building or campus-wide assessment that can inform the master planning process. We will evaluate your school site(s), structural and mechanical features, facility maintenance, safety and security, educational functionality, and physical adequacy. Through our evaluation process, we can provide you an overall assessment score as well as recommendations on next steps. We can also provide a series of more alternative evaluations, including roofs, HVAC systems, ADA accessibility, secure entry, etc.

Aerial of Hallsville Primary School
Southeastern High School exterior

Health Life Safety

Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) Health Life Safety funding is crucial to funding repairs for aging infrastructure. This survey is required every 10 years. To begin the process with your district, we will take the time to meet with you and discuss your priorities. From major plumbing issues to accessibility problems, asbestos abatement to sidewalk repair, we make every effort to secure Health Life Safety funding. Our dedicated architects and engineers will fight for your district’s repairs using corroborating data and evidence.

Klingner meticulously prioritizes updates per ISBE requirements, ensuring that urgent, required, and recommended repairs are completed in their required time frames. We assist clients through the amendment process should additional repairs arise during the 10-year cycle. Additionally, our teams can help secure emergency funding in times of trouble as we’ve done for other districts.

Our Success Is Measured By Your Success.

We are school board members, parents, and friends of the districts we serve, and that makes us passionate about our work in the Pre-K – 12 arenas. From kickoff to completion, it is our priority to help you customize design solutions to align with your goals and budget.


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We’re Local

Our passion is helping Midwestern communities thrive. Frequently working with districts in communities with populations between 250 and 150,000 has garnered in us a deep understanding of the unique challenges facing schools today.

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Multidisciplinary Expertise

As the experts, it is our job to be good stewards of your time and resources. We take this job seriously. Our streamlined approach to design results in projects that are both affordable and efficient.

Mike Carter

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Learning environments are critical to students, staff, and our greater communities. Together, we can build great educational facilities reflective of your academic and early learning objectives.