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Gavin Risley

“We understand what’s at stake during flood events.

Our staff provides emergency support in whatever way we can to protect our Districts. Klingner clients don’t face floods alone.”

Gavin Risley, PE, CFM
Water Resources Department Manager

Full Drainage District Services

Klingner can be there – no matter the project. Our levee and drainage district services include:

  • Assessments
  • Plans of Reclamations
  • Engineer of Record Services
  • Drainage Ditch Design
  • Levee Design
  • Floodwall Design
  • Relief Well Design & Analysis
  • Pump Station Design & Rehabilitation
  • Culvert & Pipe Inspections
  • Slope Stability & Seepage Analysis
  • U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) Permitting
  • USACE Section 408 Permission Requests
  • FEMA 44CFR65.10
  • Expert Testimony
Exterior of a pump station building

Easing the Permitting Process

Prioritizing permitting requirements during the design process is standard practice at Klingner. As an established river engineering firm, we frequently work with USACE, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and State Natural Resources and Conservation Departments. We also increase the chances of obtaining project permits by analyzing hydraulic and hydrologic models throughout a project – highlighting each solution’s potential impacts. Reducing the likelihood of negative consequences is both responsible design and an important way we ease the permitting process.

Dirt portion of a levee
Drill rig in the woods

Integrated Geotechnical Services

Our Engineers execute settlement, seepage, and slope stability modeling through the collection of subsurface data from drill rigs owned and operated by Geotechnics, a Division of Klingner. These modeling efforts are uniquely beneficial to properties protected by levees and floodwalls as Klingner utilizes the model outputs in the design and permitting of seepage relief systems (relief wells, cutoff walls, etc.), slope stability improvements, and other modifications. The result is a more robust flood protection system.

The Best of Both Worlds

Work with someone who knows the region. The professionals at Klingner have been working in your area for decades, giving them both the expertise and the topographical knowledge to see that your project is done right.


Man in red gingham shirt leaning on table

We’re Local

We live and work in communities across the Midwest. With offices across Missouri, Iowa, and Illinois, our team can respond to your project needs quickly.

Overhead image of large residential property

Multidisciplinary Expertise

Klingner has experts in every professional discipline required for your levee and drainage district project. This comprehensive, streamlined approach to design results in projects that are both affordable and effective.

Joshua Leyh

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