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Building Student-Centered Environments

Institutions of higher learning fulfill a wide-range of student needs – charged most importantly with improving student outcomes. At Klingner, we believe that good design directly correlates with advancements in teaching, learning, and social interaction. We can help you look at your campus and facilities to determine opportunities for enhancements that support students.


Students studying at a booth and tables in a student lounge
Conversations are Often the Catalyst to Change

Talk to our experts

Russell Brissey

“I love the exchange of ideas.

Higher education institutions have such a great understanding of their students and their facilities that they often know what they want prior to design. My job is to take their vision and translate it into a new, tangible environment that adds value to the campus.

Russell Brissey
Architectural Designer

Six Steps To Produce A Great Campus

At Klingner, we believe good design is transformative. On every project, we fuse your needs with a strategic, thoughtful approach resulting in one-of-a-kind solutions.

Outdoor small lecture area and landscaping

Activate the Campus

An existing grouping of buildings, green spaces, ball fields, and parking lots can be transformed into a series of experiences through site planning. Each renovation, new addition, relocation, or replacement to an overall plan is an opportunity for positive change in the look and feel of your current campus.

Students studying in a student lounge

Foster a Sense of Community

Students who feel “at home” on campus are more likely to return year after year. Klingner fosters a sense of community in the creation of student-centric cafés, cafeterias, lounges, and ancillary locations, making sure students feel represented in the spaces where they spend the most time.

Computer lab

Incorporate Technology

We believe in incorporating proven technology that supports connectivity. From computers, cameras, projectors, and smart boards to lights, HVAC units, and building materials, technology’s impact is instrumental in campus design.

Students in a collaboration space

Increase Collaboration

Since students today are less accustomed to in-person communication, campuses are responding with increased collaboration zones. Well-considered design steers students into collaborative processes by giving them space, furniture, and the technological resources necessary to work on presentations or brainstorm.

Computer lab

Animate the Day-to-Day

Every surface is an opportunity to develop a well-drawn plan into a living, breathing, inspiring environment. Klingner’s staff of talented architects work hand-in-hand with our interior designers to integrate customized elements in each space we design.

School-branded admissions seating area

Express School Pride

Pride of place is a powerful force. Every board and faculty member, former student, and parent understands the transformational nature a great educational experience has on a young adult. Klingner’s staff know this, too. We strive to create spaces rooted in positive school identification by incorporating branding and signage into architectural and design elements wherever possible.

What About Systems & Maintenance?

Klingner’s robust architecture and engineering departments work directly with campus facility directors and maintenance staff to review your building and system components, including electrical, and plumbing systems; heating, ventilation, and air conditioning; the roof; the building shell; interior finish materials; code compliance; and environmental conditions. Our experts can review your facilities and provide visual inspections with a written report of current conditions. This information can help support the development of maintenance or capital improvement plans. With decades of experience across the region, we are confident in our ability to set your campus on a clear path that mitigates unexpected surprises.

Exterior entrance of the Carroll Science Center

Our Success Is Measured By Your Success

We trust and respect each of our clients. When a need arises, we do what it takes to analyze the situation and provide the most effective and cost-efficient solution. Every time.


Man in red gingham shirt leaning on table

We’re Local

Many of our staff have grown up in the communities we serve. We have attended local junior colleges, colleges, and universities. Our staff is always thrilled to make a difference in these institutions.

Overhead image of large residential property

Multidisciplinary Expertise

Klingner has experts to handle all of your needs, and we are just a phone call away. Our professionals are responsive to client questions, ready for site visits, and detailed in their communication and management practices.

Joe Knochel

Talk to a Higher Education Expert About Your Project

Change can come in a variety of forms. If you have a project in mind – no matter how large or small – we can guide you through initial planning and review to design and project completion. We will work in collaboration with your staff and facilitate a streamlined process.