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A Professional Approach To Project Completion

Klingner’s expert teams are centered on strong leadership, highly specialized experience, hundreds of relevant projects, a well-established framework for project delivery, and the capability to initiate and complete work on time and on budget. Our tiered approach to quality project execution includes a contract management plan at the contract level and a project management plan – including a quality control plan – at the task order level. This provides our clients the flexibility and efficiency to carry out all sizes of task orders. We also stay up-to-date on United Facilities Guide Specifications (UFGS) and United Facilities Criteria (UFC).

Engineers working together at a desk


541330 – Engineering Services (Primary)
237990 – Other Heavy & Civil Engineering Construction
541310 – Architectural Services
541320 – Landscape Architectural Services
541340 – Drafting Services
541350 – Building Inspection Services
541360 – Geophysical Surveying & Mapping Services

541370 – Surveying & Mapping (Except Geophysical) Services
541380 – Testing Laboratories
541410 – Interior Design Services
541420 – Industrial Design Services
541620 – Environmental Consulting Services

Working Within Your Standards

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Bryan Bross

“We understand our responsibilities.

Carrying out projects for the federal government requires strong communication and adhering to the appropriate protocols. We take pride in providing all services as requested.”

Bryan Bross, PE, RG
Regional Manager

Relevant Experience

Civil Experience:

  • Provided services on several USACE projects
  • Experience with teaming arrangements
  • Performed a wide variety of services

DoD Experience:

  • Provided services on dozens of projects
  • Familiar with UFC codes, UFGS specifications, and Cost Estimating
  • Performed a wide variety of services

A Sample of Past Contracts

Informed by our past project history.

  • Services: Surveying, Environmental Engineering
  • Contract Number: W912-EK-10-C0002
  • Services: Architectural design
  • Contract Number: W912-ES-20-PO-001
  • Services: Geotechnical, Environmental Engineering 
  • Contract Number: W912EK-09-D-0008
  • Services: Geotechnical Engineering, Construction Staking
  • Contract Number: W912EK-09-C-0008
  • Services: Construction Material Testing
  • Contract Number: W912EK-10-C-0107
  • Services: Construction Material Testing
  • Contract Number: W912QR-11-C-0049
  • Services: Construction Material Testing
  • Contract Number: W912EK-12-B-0014
  • Services: Construction Material Testing
  • Contract Number: W912EK-14-C-0085
  • Services: Construction Material Testing
  • Contract Number: W912QR-15-A-0028
  • Services: Structural, Mechanical Engineering
  • Contract Number: W912EK-09-D-0007
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Committed to the Requirements of CMMC 2.0

Klingner adheres to Department of Defense (DoD) Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) 2.0 requirements. Our systems, policies, and procedures are periodically evaluated against the requirements of NIST 800-171 R2, and we submit our results into the Supplier Performance Risk System (SPRS) in the Procurement Integrated Enterprise Environment (PIEE). We are mindful of the documentation of our cybersecurity practices as a member of the Defense Industrial Base Sector (DIBS).

Operating a USACE Validated Laboratory

Klingner operates a USACE validated materials testing laboratory in Burlington, IA. This facility is validated to perform material test methods which include tests on aggregate, bituminous, concrete, masonry, mortar and grout, rock, soil, and spray fire-resistive material. We also have a full-service geotechnical and materials testing lab located in our Hannibal, MO, office, and our Quincy and Galesburg, IL, offices have basic lab facilities with staff available to provide field construction material testing.

Engineers working in a laboratory
Engineers reviewing plans

Teaming Arrangements

Serving as a prime or subconsultant, Klingner has a long history of participating on federal contracts as part of a teaming arrangement. Our vital professional resources allow us to perform a variety of services. With our systematic approach to record keeping and communication, Klingner understands what is required from a partnering firm. By teaming with others, Klingner can provide excellent client communication and management with significant capacity and capability.

Mark Bross

We Are Ready to Serve on Your Next Project

From all aspects of field and water services to architecture and engineering, we are well positioned to complete your next job.