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Value Engineering for Stronger Designs

Finding the proper balance between cost, schedule, and quality can make or break your bottom line.

Whether we’re designing storage elevators, shops, processing facilities, or something more, the engineers at Klingner evaluate every option for its suitability and price. Materials, construction methods, placement – we identify alternatives fully customized to your business for a more economical result.

The inside of an industrial agricultural storage facility
Workers surveying a field

Verify Your Acreage

Most farmland has a rich history stretching back generations.

Farm surveys allow owners to clarify questions about a property’s true boundaries. A Klingner land surveying crew is trained in monument location and proper field measuring techniques to give clients the most accurate information possible. Platting services are also available for land division or sale.

Safety Is Essential

Talk to Our Experts

Alan Lukens

Safety is planned. Period.

“We pay attention to every detail and requirement to produce facilities and sites that are safe for your workers, your property, and your equipment.”

Alan Lukens, PE, SE
Structural Department Manager

Constructing a New Fertilizer Storage Building

United Agri Products (now Agrium) required a 20,000-ton dry fertilizer storage building just south of Quincy. To meet their needs quickly and safely:

  • Structural engineering utilized a tilt-up concrete wall system for quick and easy erection, along with internal catwalks, conveyor supports, a wood-framed control building, and mixer enclosure.
  • Site development designed the site to enhance operations and prepared a Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan.
  • MEP engineering designed the electrical service to the building.


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UAP Agriculture Storage Facility UAP Agriculture Storage FacilityUAP Agriculture Storage Facility

The Best of Both Worlds

Your agricultural business is essential to our region. Work with a down-to-earth team that delivers both experienced design and unmatched service.


Indian Grave Levee

We’re Local

We live and work in communities across the Midwest. With offices across Missouri, Iowa, and Illinois, our team can respond to your inspection, repair, or new construction needs quickly.

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Multidisciplinary Expertise

Klingner has experts in every professional discipline required for your residential care project. This comprehensive, streamlined approach to design results in projects that are both affordable and efficient.

Robert Harman

Talk to an Agricultural Expert About Your Project

Take the next steps for your agricultural business with a team of experts at your side.