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Our Geotechnical Team is Pre-Qualified To Assist You

Concrete Compaction TestingGeotechnics offers the widest range of geotechnical and construction material testing experience and equipment, within a 100-mile radius of each office location.

Our extensive experience encompasses a wide range of construction services.  We promote communication with the Contractor and provide clients with a high level of quality control.  Our staff is trained in construction staking, soil, aggregate, asphalt and concrete testing, nuclear moisture/density gauge use and environmental sampling.  Through our drilling, sampling and coring services, we utilize the construction procedures and standards that are set forth by state and government agencies.

When working with Geotechnics, you can be at ease knowing that you are working with some of the most qualified and experienced in the Industry.  Contact your closest Geotechnical office for more information on how we can provide quality testing for your next big project!